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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Falmouth to Portscatho

Kevin, Guy and I left Swanpool beach in Falmouth and paddled across the mouth of the Fal estuary where the wind was brisk and waves were moving seawards, continuing past St Anthony's lighthouse and around the Roseland peninsula to Portcatho. Guy ended the journey early and fell asleep on Porthbeor beach (said he had a late night!!) but we did see him again safe and sound at the end of our paddle.

This trip, although not as spectacular as some was very pleasant and we passed  a number of sandy beaches and rocky coves. The cliffs are low and mostly topped by fields. Apart from the mouth of the estuary, which can get very busy with sailing and power boats this is a relatively safe trip and particularly so with an offshore wind. Sit-on kayaks could have a very nice journey leaving from Portcatho harbour and heading in the Falmouth direction with safe beaches, coves and virtually no tidal flow.

Sea life was sparse on our journey bar one seal but we did spot an Eider duck at Zone point, other bird life as listed below but no performing dolphins this time.

Wildlife Observed: Gannet, Eider (1), Oystercatcher (4), Rock pipit, Grey seal (1),

Look For:
Black Rock
Pendennis Point
Pendennis Castle
St Mawes Castle
Falmouth Docks
St Athony's Lighthouse (Fraggle Rock)
Zone Point
Towan Beach
Porthbeor Beach

Many other water users including ferries, sailing and motor boats. Also be aware of the movement of large ships around Falmouth Docks and the Carrick Roads

Paddle No: 28
Date: 1/07/2014
Wind: Force 4 NE
Temperature: 16 degrees
Weather: Sun.
Distance Covered: 14.1 miles
Duration: 5hrs
Access: Easy launch, landing and exit
Sea State: Smooth except across estuary
Kayaks: Nigel Dennis Romany, P&H Scorpio

   Falmouth to

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