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Friday, 19 July 2013

Praa Sands to Gunwalloe

Kevin, Guy and I kayak from Praa Sands to Gunwalloe and call in at Porthleven on the way home, where we met fellow paddler Rick Stanton and his partner.

Another hot day for kayaking with no swell and no waves but a fresh breeze blew against us on the return journey. Very clear water and one of those rare days where you could land safely on Loe Bar which usually has a killer shore-break. Amazing coastline between Praa Sands and Porthleven with much copper sulphate clearly visible on the cliff face below the mine buildings.

Paddle No: 6
Date: 13/07/2013
Wind: Force 1-3 N-NW
Temperature: 25 degrees
Weather: Very Hot
Distance Covered: 13.4 miles
Duration: 5.0 hrs
Access: Easy launch, landing and exit
Sea State: Smooth/ Wind blown chop
Kayaks: P&H Scorpio, North Shore Atlantic and Easky 13

    Praa Sands to
    Gunwalloe via

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