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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Porthallow to Coverack

Today we joined some dots on our journey around Cornwall. Easy launching at Porthallow from a shingle beach, turn right and head down the coast towards Porthkerris and Porthoustock. You will see the Cornish Sea Salt Company and Porthkerris Dive Center. We kept to the inside of the Manacle Rocks (Cornish: Meyn Eglos, meaning church stones) and continued past Lowland Point. Both of which have been the end of many an unfortunate ship, and continued our journey to Coverack.

We had lunch on a boulder strew beach on the far side of Coverack Point and continued to Black Head, there we headed back to the outer Manacle Rocks where we played in the powerful tidal currents (made me happy), we then followed the reefs and currents back to Porthallow.

Wildlife Observed: Gannet, Mediterranean gull (10+), Turnstone, Oystercatcher, Common sandpiper, Raven, Rock pipit, Stonechat, Swallow (lots feeding over sea), Grey seal.

Look For:
The Manacle Rocks (best at low tide)
Cornish Sea Salt Works
Torpedo Tracking Station
Dean Quarry
Porthkerris Dive Centre

Reefs and Rock Pinnacles
Strong Tidal Currents
Dive and Fishing Boats

Paddle No: 10
Date: 10/08/2013
Wind: Force 2-3 SW
Temperature: 18 degrees
Weather: Sunny, Cloudy, Showers.
Distance Covered: 10.8 miles
Duration: 4.5hrs
Access: Easy launch, landing and exit
Sea State: Smooth but strong tidal flow on outer Manacles creating disturbed water
Kayaks: P&H Scorpio,  Easky 13

   Porthallow to

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