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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Sennen Cove to Porthchapel Beach via the Longships

There are some kayak trips that words or even video cannot capture. This was one of them! Near perfect conditions with full sun, no waves and little swell. We had a number of friends join us for this trip including Linda, Sam and Paul. Leaving Sennen Cove and paddling out to the Longships lighthouse with slack water approaching we neared the reef but the tidal flow could be felt and the small waves were being generated. We had an entourage of about 30 seals following us as we circumnavigated the lighthouse, only leaving us when we finally left the reef.

We had planned to stop for lunch at Porthgwarras but that was curtailed as they were shooting an episode of the TV series Poldark, so continued to Porthchapel but not before Scott also joined our happy band. The return trip was also highly successful as we managed to paddle through every cave along that coast including a huge cavern complete with its own beach south of Gwennap Head, Nanjizal cave and Lands End cave. Our final visitor attraction was the wreck of the Mulheim between Lands End and Sennen Cove.

Wildlife Observed: Gannet (lots), Fulmar (lots), Razorbill (20+), Guillemot (lots), Raven (1), Rock pipit (5+) Grey seal (30+)

Look For:
Sennen Lifeboat Station
Cowloe Rocks
Longships Reef and Lighthouse
Wolf Rock Lighthouse
Old Coastguard Lookout
60m Cliffs
Rock Climbers
The Wreck of the Mulheim
The First and Last House
The Armed Knight Rock
Enys Dodnan Arch
Mill Bay / Nanjizel
Pendower Coves
Folly Cove
Porth Loe
Gwennap Head
The Runnel Stone
Porthgwarra Cove
Porthchapel Cove

Avoid paddling here in strong winds or anything more than small swell
Many rock reefs and ledges
Not many get-out points unless sea is smooth
Many rocks and boulders on this coast
Strong tidal currents (get your tides right for this trip) at the Longships, Lands End and Porthgwarra

Paddle No: 27
Date: 22/6/2014
Wind: Force 1-2 NE
Temperature: 14 degrees
Weather: Full sun
Distance Covered: 13 miles
Duration: 5 hrs
Access: Easy launch from Sennen Cove Slip
Sea state: Smooth to Chop - Tiny Swell
Kayaks: Nigel Dennis Romany, P&H Scorpio x2, Tiderace Xcite, Current Design, Dagger Charleston 15

   Sennen Cove to
   Porthchapel Beach
   via the Longships

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  1. This was just a heavenly day. Good to relive it - I had a smile on my face all over again watching it. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Linda. It certainly was a good one. Thanks for coming along.