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Friday, 25 July 2014

Cape Cornwall to Carbis Bay

This is a trip I have wanted to do for over a year but either the conditions were against us or Kevin and I could not get our free time to align. At last it all came together, and this trip was worth the wait! It should be noted that this is a full commitment paddle with few landing points at high tide and very few get-out places.

It is unusual to have flat calm conditions at Cape Cornwall, even when the weather is favourable there is usually swell and with the tidal flow (hard to avoid due to the time it takes to complete this journey), you really do need to get your planning right and not take chances.

The scenery is utterly spectacular and there is just so much to see (and avoid) it would be impossible to describe the grandeur of this piece of coastline. There is much to process, wildlife, zawn's, caves, arches stacks, rock islands and high cliffs and at the same time you are avoiding reefs, ledges, pinnacles while dealing with clapotis, swell and tidal flows.

Altogether this is a unforgettable paddle and one that I would like to do again. We went at high water but I would love to have another look at low tide on the next trip.

Wildlife Observed: Oyster catchers (many), Common Gull, Rock pipit, Grey seal (many), Kittywake (5)

Look For: 
Priests Cove
The Brisons
The Kendijack
Botallack Head
Botallack Mines
Levant Mines
Levant Cliffs (copper stained)
Pendeen Point and Lighthouse
Porthearas Cove
Bosigran Cliffs and The Great Zawn
Porthmeor Cove
Gurnards Head
Zennor Head
The Carracks
Trevega Cliffs
Pen Enys Point
St Ives Head

Tidal flow and overfalls at Cape Cornwall, Pendeen Point, Gurnards Head and other Headlands
Many rocks and reefs
Very few get-out points
Difficult landing at most coves
Instant Fog! The North coast is famous for it
Oh yes! And the £9.00 a day parking fee at Carbis bay

Paddle No: 31
Date: 22/07/2014
Wind: Force 0 - 3 SW
Temperature: 25 degrees
Weather: Sunny with some cloud.
Distance Covered: 18.4 miles.
Duration: 6 hrs
Access: Easy launch from Cape Cornwall but long walk down to slip
Sea state: Smooth with small swell.
Kayaks: Nigel Dennis Romany, P&H Quest

   Cape Cornwall
    to Carbis Bay

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