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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Glenfinnan to Isle of Muck

OK it's not in Cornwall I know but it is a worthy entry. This was a late August 2015 paddle starting at the Glenfinnan Memorial at the top of Loch Shiel and ending on the Isle of Muck. Our route took us the length of Loch Shiel on which we had interesting 40mph gust’s blowing from behind, a quick visit to St Finnans Chapel on Eilean Fhianain and our first night on the shore of the loch. The following day we followed the river Shiel (very scenic and a favoured fishing spot) ending at the infamous spillway connection (where I fell out) and into Loch Moidart, finally reaching the coast and turning left into open water at Eilean Shona.

We then headed West along the coast until we reached Kilmory Beach where we had a another night camping and complaining about midges. In the morning we did our 8 mile open water crossing to the Isle of Muck. We were just a few miles East of Ardnamurchan Point which is well known for being the most westerly point on the British mainland and for picking up large Atlantic swell, but this was a relatively good day with smooth moving hills of water gently lifting and lowering us out of sight of each other.

Muck is a lovely little island! We were advised by a local fisherman that we could camp at the Community Centre and that they had hot showers, internet and a kitchen which could be used by all for a small fee, and they did! Muck also has the most wonderful cafe owned by Jenny (one nice lady) and also married to the Islands owner. Even if you do not kayak, take a day trip on the ferry, you will not be disappointed. http://www.isleofmuck.com

Unfortunately the weather forecast for the following few days was for high wind and waves, so we decided to catch the ferry back to Arisaig as the safe option as our next open crossing back to the mainland was going to be over 11 miles. Now it was just the 750 mile drive back home to deal with! This is an achievable adventure for many sea kayakers and a memorable 41 mile journey for me and all in the great company of Mr Kevin Jackson.

   Glenfinnan to
   Isle of Muck

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  1. Wonderful video. Looks like a fun time even if it's not always the most scenic.