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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Fowey to Looe via Polperro

What a great piece of coastline and a kayak trip well worth considering when in Cornwall. Kevin and I were joined by Guy, now fully fit and very active after a three months recovery from having a knee replacement (oh the joy of getting old). So much to see with sandy beaches scenic cliffs, an island and three classic Cornish towns. We had the wind behind us a lot of the time and the tide was also in our favour so the travelling was easy sometimes exciting as the wind accelerated us around the headlands. Care has to be taken when close inshore as the rocks are particularly sharp and pointy for most of the coast.

There are logistics to consider on this trip if you do it one way as we did. You will need to take two vehicles on the Fowey ferry and drive up the coast to Looe and park one either at the beach or the river car park if landing at high tide. This adds to the cost and time of this journey but it remains a highly recommended trip.

The wildlife was a bit thin on the ground and sea! Not much considering the amount of cliff's we went past, Kevin suggests that diversity was low as it is early in the season.

Wildlife Observed: Fulmar, Grey heron, Oystercatcher, Grey wagtail (1), Rock pipit, Raven

Look For:
Bodinnick Car Ferry
Lantic Bay
Pencarrow Head
Lantivet Bay
Talland Bay
Hore Stone
Looe Island
Hannfore Point
Banjo Pier (Looe)

Fowey Ferry
Many sharp rock reefs and pinnacles.
Busy harbour area around Fowey, Looe and Polperro
Check that the tide is flowing in your direction if on one way trip
No landing on Looe Island (Hmm Guy)
River currents at Fowey and Looe

Paddle No: 24
Date: 15/3/2014
Wind: Force 2 - 4 North Westerly
Temperature: 11 degrees
Weather: Sunny and clear
Distance Covered: 12.9 miles
Duration: 4.5 hrs
Access: Easy launch and land from Fowey Polperro and Looe
Sea state: Smooth to small chop
Kayaks: Nigel Dennis Romany, P&H Scorpio and North Shore Atlantic

    Fowey to Looe
    via Polperro

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